Sunday, 18 July 2010

Grey upon Grey, Receding

Rainy weather in Scotland has its attractions. London may be basking in another heatwave but in Scotland a mist has come over the hills and a cold rain is on the way. The hardy tourists stay and marvel, while others take refuge in a nearby tea room. Stay a while; watch the hills grow dim and disappear as others appear out of the sky. See there, far out over the loch, two little birds chasing each with delight above the stormy waters. Behind them the hills march darkly, layer upon layer, into the mist. Grey upon grey, receding. Just like my hair.


  1. Poetic musings on a rainy, grey Sunday in Scotland. Aren't rainy days laced with a sweet melancholy?

    I often sit and peer into the mist hoping somehow to find a fellow with grey receding hair, so far I have not had much luck.
    Must remember to be in Scotland in summer when it rains....

  2. You will find yourself surrounded by them over here. You will have to bring a stick to beat them off!