Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Tagging Game with Flowers

I was tagged by Fashion, Art and Other Fancies and here are my responses:

1) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I enjoy travelling but I have always lived in Scotland apart from a period when I stayed in the Deep South of the United States. Scotland is where I would choose to live and there is an island offshore from Oban, with a cottage close by the sea which is visited by otters. That would be a nice place to stay.

2) What is your favourite band/singer?
I love KD Lang’s voice and I never grow tired of listening to the instrumental music of Frank Zappa.

3) If you could be someone else for a day who would it be?
I am interested in the lives of other people and I like reading autobiographies and using my imagination but as for being someone else, even for a day or for a moment would that not be quite a frightening prospect?

4) Concert or Broadway show?
Occasionally a concert

5) Do you have a theme song for your life?
No, but the earliest song I remember was sung by my mother.

6) Would you choose a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant or a picnic in the park?
In spring or summer a picnic would be best, in autumn or winter a nice restaurant.

7) What is your favourite place to shop?
I don’t like shopping as a rule

8) Favourite movie?
I can watch Blade Runner over and over again. A beautiful film that makes you think and it has a great soundtrack.

PS. The above picture was taken last week in the 45,000 acre Pollok Country Park and Gardens in Glasgow.


  1. Hi Mr. Libra, I am a libra, as well....the best sign.
    I have changed my site location to,
    I am unable to retreive the lovely comment that you left yesterday.
    I have tucked away in my memory that certain colors are associated with saints and arch Angels.
    For example, Arch Angle Uriel is said to be a beautiful yellow.
    I think that Arch Angle Michael, for protection, is a beautiful blue green. I will locate the book that I read this in if you are interested.
    Have a wonderful, colorful day.

  2. A lovely thought: a beautiful blue green angel. Thank you for that information. I hope you are having a colourful day also!


  3. What a delightful list, you created here. The flowers are so alive and vibrant. I must visit that island off the shore of Oban in Scotland. XOXO