Monday, 28 June 2010

Colour and Country

How potent colour is. Just a glance at these colours awakens such complex feelings. The soul of a country is represented in the colours of its flag.

White and red are the colours of the English flag and we Scots resent English triumphalism so much that we are rarely unhappy when we see it defeated. We love the blue and white of the Scottish flag and we are not sorry that Germany put an end to English dreams of another World Cup victory. English commentators get so puffed up by English victories that we cannot bear it and it doesn’t help that the Scottish team is so disastrously bad.


  1. From an artistic and human view I prefer the design of the German flag. The cross in the English flag is most disturbing indeed....
    The red cross is aggressive especially against a white background.... No wonder why the queen is from a long line of Germans...

  2. I have always thought the English flag had a harsh domineering look to it. The Scottish flag is also a cross but a diagonal cross and I prefer its gentler colour.

  3. I love the english flag... but then again I am very english and proud of my country, but I do have a bit of scotish blood. I still like the English flag.

    care to follow me back ?

    alice h

    p.s if these are referring to the england vs. germany game... England should of won.

  4. Hi Alice,

    I am part English myself, though I don't feel at all English. British, yes, to an extent but I think of myself mostly as Scottish. The English flag is fine with me so long as it is flying over England.

    I can't agree about the football though. They should have got that second goal of course but otherwise they were well beaten.