Sunday, 2 May 2010

Red Flowers in Evening Sunshine

Late in the day the grey clouds and the rain passed swiftly and unexpectedly leaving red flowers in evening sunshine and long shadows on the grass. Those flowers draw the eye as red is a stimulating, emotional colour representing passion and even violence. Red roses symbolise love and red is also the colour of Mars, the god of war. The flowers, however, in their simple beauty, tell us to make love and not war.

A dream that features the colour red is always significant as red is such a powerful colour. The precise meaning of the dream will depend upon the context. A red car will have a different meaning to that of a red dress for example. Cherish your dreams and remember them before they slip away in the morning.


  1. This is such a poetic and touching post.
    Indeed, I shall cherish and remember my dream before it slips away... xx

  2. Very passionate flower, eloquent prose!

    Art by Karena